Yekta Kara graduated from the Faculty of Letters on English Literature specialized in the business administration including management of business operations, efficient organization of human and other identified in specified timelines and capitals.

Having started her career in public institutions in the international affairs and EU relations departments, continued her career path by managing EU projects and operations in different field.

She actively spends efforts on business management capacity development, human resources management, communication management, organizational development initiatives, mentoring and coaching for undergraduates and graduates.

Kara, took place in projects where she was highly influential with her strong interpersonal and management skills in the case of project related challenges, bureaucratic obstacles and scope related difficulties in the different fields as employment, entrepreneurship, start-up and SME development, enforcement services development in the area of psychological treatments and intervention programmes, human rights, tourism and destination management, competitiveness and innovation.

She works as a Project Management Consultant with a strong background and hands-on knowledge on the project management principles in long term projects and in single and multiple projects.

She continues her professional career as a Project Management Consultant.