Agile Mind-Set: Scrum & Kanban

In The City That Blends Tradition and Modernity, Istanbul

This is a 3 days program giving you the fundamentals of Agile Mindset and most popular frameworks; Scrum and Kanban.

**All our trainings include one extra night hotel stay to enrich your local experience!!!


Being Agile is a personal decision. Becoming Agile is a personal journey. Depending on your career, your interests, or your job, you might want and need to start your personal Agile Journey.

Program Outline

Day 1

  • What Is and Why Agility?
  • Agile Mind-Set
  • Agile Values

Day 2

  • Scrum in a Nutshell
  • Scrum Roles
  • Scrum Ceremonies
  • Scrum Case Studies

Day 3

  • What is Kanban?
  • Kanban Principles
  • Kanban Practices
  • Kanban Simulation

Program Duration

3 Days

Program Attendees 

This program is appropriate for aspiring ScrumMasters, team coaches, unit managers, delivery team members, managers, project managers, and organizational team leaders seeking a deep understanding of the principles and practices of  Agile, Scrum and Kanban, and those seeking to be an effective Servant Leader or Agile coach within an Agile team or organization.

Program Outcomes

Agility is one of the inevitable concepts in today’s fast business world. The attendees will get an overview of agility and some practices.

This training program will be conducted with the cooperation, which is an international community, supports organizations with the Agile Transition, become more resilient and better prepared for a changing world.

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