Certified Breath and Meditation Practitioner

Spiritual Experience in The City of Rumi, Konya

The aim of this training is to teach Pranayama Breath Techniques, to learn how to breathe correctly and use techniques in providing balance among their soul, body, and brain. Besides breath techniques, the participants are being taught on meditation techniques so as to become a practitioner of this field. Also, participants improve their individual and spiritual development skills so as they can manage their own lives by themselves while gaining and getting a full awareness of their natural disposition.

All our trainings include one extra night hotel stay to enrich your local experience…


  • How to Inhale and Exhale Correctly?
  • Effects of Breath on Body, Soul and, Brain
  • Types of Breath
  • Pranayama Breath Techniques
    • Cold Breath
    • Warm Breath
    • Balance Breath
    • Square Breath
    • Rectangular Breath
  • Usage of Nasika Mudra
  • Breathing With Mudras
  • Effects of Breath on Seven Chakras and Aura
  • Power of Positive Thinking in Healthy Life
  • Usage of Pranayama Techniques for
    • Weight Control
    • Emotional Control
    • Mental Balance
    • Energy Management
    • Effective Presentation Skills
  • Breathing with Affirmations
  • Meditation and Its Benefits in Human Life
  • Meditation Techniques
    • Sound
    • Imagination
    • Concentration
    • Energy
  • Usage of Human Power in Breathing and Meditation
  • How to Help Others in Breathing Management
  • How to Meditate Others
  • Breathing and Meditating for
    • Performance Management
    • Stress Management
    • Time Management
    • Motivation Management
  • Workshops on Meditating and Breathing
    • Dynamic Meditation
    • Kapalabhati Breath
    • Power Shaking
  • Definition of Soul, Body and Brain
  • Functioning of Soul, Body and Brain
  • Importance of Personal Development
  • Techniques of
    • Mental Development
    • Spiritual Development
    • Energetic Development
  • The Balance of Seven Chakras
  • Empowerment of Aura
  • Ways of Spiritual Cleansing and Healing
  • Outcomes of Spiritual Development
    • Anger and Stress Management
    • Goal and Success Management
    • Management of Life Fields
  • Empowerment of Spiritual Power
  • Workshops on Sound, Breath and Meditation

Program Attendees

Participants who would like to interested in breath and meditation techniques, develop and enhance their spiritual skills.

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