Certified Spiritual Development Package

Mystic Experience in The City of Sufism, Konya

The aim of the training is to provide necessary knowledge about efficient techniques for development of attention and concentration skills to the participants who want to overcome the problems on concentrating and memory and to improve their brain skills so as to they can gain awareness of using their capacity and potential fully. Also, this training provides participants the techniques and effective ways of using their mental power completely and help them use the tree of thought effectively.

All our trainings include one extra night hotel stay to enrich your local experience…


  • The Context of Developing Attention and Concentration Skills
  • Common Problems and Reasons on Attention and Concentration
  • Secret and Techniques of Concentration
  • Types of Attention
  • Development Facilities of Brain (Conscious and Unconscious)
  • Perception Models and Functioning of Mental Power
  • Character Analysis and Development Skills
  • Neurobiological Structure of Brain and Learning Methods
  • Right & Left Brain and Balance
  • Concentration with the Power of Unconscious
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming Techniques for Concentration
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques for Attention
  • Workshops on Meta Programs and Perception Positions
  • Functioning and Learning Method of Brain
  • Neurobiological Structure of Brain
  • Conscious and Unconscious Functioning in Perception
  • Law of Unconscious
  • Leading Meta Programs of Subconscious
  • Usage of
    • NLP Principles and Techniques
    • EFT Techniques
    • Breath Techniques for Efficient Mental Skills
  • Tree of Thought
  • Benefits of Thought Tree
  • Usage of Tree for Thought
  • Tree of Thought in Effective Usage of Brain
  • Workshops on Tree of Thought and Creative Imagination

Program Attendees

The workshop is beneficial for anyone who wants to overcome the problems of consentration and memory and to improve their brain skills.