Corporate Development with SWOT Analyze

In The Only City In The World That Sits On Two Continents: Europe and Asia, IstanbulĀ 

The core mandate of the training is ensuring the companies to perceive corporate values as multiplier tool in the strategy development process and to use these subjects for corporate development.

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  • Module 1: Factors of being Analytical
  • Module 2: Developing Corporate Behavior and Constant Control Notion
  • Module 3: SWOT Interiorizing in All Departments
  • Module 4: Constructing the Sustainable SWOT Analysis

Passing from classical business administration on to being analytical, the codes of the corporate behavior development process, interiorizing the SWOT analyze approach from top managers to middle and low-level managers, constructing the sustainability of the corporate development with SWOT analyze.

Program Attendees

Senior executive and mid-level managers of the companies, Department directors, Head and different level of managers of the Small and Medium Enterprises.

Program Outcomes

The roles and functions of the SWOT analysis to make corporate development as sustainable are aiming to forward in the training. Adapting the vision and mission of the business administration to the fast-changing market conditions and giving corporate development insight to all departments and professionals can be entitled as main objectives of the training.

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