Project Monitoring and Evaluation

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This training is designed to help organizations in developing and implementing proficient techniques for monitoring and evaluation of their projects so that they are able to achieve goals and objectives set for the organization in the short and long run.

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In any project that is implemented by an organization, Monitoring and Evaluation play a key role in improving the success of that project. Effective project monitoring helps managers in making appropriate decisions in their everyday activities and ensuring that projects are executed according to plans and can be modified when necessary. Project evaluation provides project managers in understanding and demonstrating the outcome and results of their efforts, identify the best course of action for achieving their goals and document lessons learned in order to improve future programs. In this training participants will gain:

  • Strategic Performance Management
  • Success Mapping and Goal Setting
  • Performance Review Tools
  • Challenge Your Strategy and Get Feedback
  • Introduction and Overview to Monitoring & Evaluation (M & E)
  • Results-based Management (RBM)
  • M&E and the Project / Program Lifecycle
  • What is Monitoring? What is Evaluation?
  • Baseline and end- line studies
  • Comparing Monitoring, Evaluation, Reviews, and Audits
  • M&E Standards and Ethics
  • Minimize Bias and Error
  • What is an Effective M&E Approach?
  • Introduction to the 6 Steps for Project and Program M&E
  • Identify the Purpose and Scope of the M&E System
  • Identify Key Stakeholder Informational Needs and Expectations
  • Identify M&E Requirements
  • Plan for Data Collection and Management
  • Data Gathering Techniques (Qualitative and Quantitate)
  • Determine Sampling Requirements
  • Establish Stakeholder Complaints and Feedback Mechanisms
  • Use Indicator Tracking Tables
  • Plan for Data Analysis, Reporting and Utilization
  • Plan for M&E HR and Capacity Building
  • Determine the Extent of Local and External Participation
  • Define the Roles and Responsibilities
  • Prepare the M&E Budget and Itemize Its Needs
  • Determine M&E Costs and Budget Requirements

Program Attendees

Project Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders, M & E Officers and anyone new to or currently involved in monitoring or evaluating project activities and wants an effective understanding of its principles and concepts

Program Outcomes

  • Understand the Fundamental Tools and Concepts of M & E
  • Prepare a Comprehensive Plan for M & E
  • Identify Project Parameters and M & E Requirements
  • Identify the Appropriate Time and Resources for Performing M & E
  • Prepare a Budget for Project M & E Activities
  • Develop and Track M & E Indicators
  • Understand the Reporting Requirements for Project M & E
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