Successful Sales in Premium & Luxury Segments – Virtual Class

Retailers and wholesalers are facing greater pressure to achieve their sales targets–

  • Greater competition
  • Customer demands and expectations rising
  • Distress selling

We don’t see this trend changing, in-fact, we expect it to continue.

There is good news too!

**All our training will be conducted in local time with local trainers to enrich your local experience!!!


There are still plenty of buyers who value the individual approach, people who will pay for the experience & service they feel they deserve. Organisations able to satisfy this type of customer can tap into an audience, who are loyal to those who provide them with the tailored, even curated experience.

We have years of experience in this lucrative market, and have helped clients meet, and exceed the expectations of their clients. We are now offering open programmes for those looking to compete in this demanding segment.


  • An introduction to The concept of the ‘Sales Process’, its elements and execution within the Luxury & Premium marketplace
  • Identifying the target audience
  • An explanation of both Push & Pull selling
  • A practical program designed to improve Knowledge, Skills and Attitude of Sales professionals
  • Review how to plan Sales activities, based on Annual targets
  • Opportunities to discuss, review & demonstrate current practises with colleagues
  • Practical hands-on role-plays to develop the behaviours required to be successful when dealing with HNWI
  • Case studies to refine judgement, and improve decision making
  • How to incorporate both CRM and Customer Care into the process

Program Attendees

Anyone operating in a Sales role, whether new to the role, or an experienced sales person within the Luxury & Premium Segments

Program Outcomes

  • Increased personal motivation to accomplish targets, using the tools provided
  • Increase Sales Performance – Volume & Margin
  • Deliver greater levels of Client Satisfaction
  • Improve Customer Retention & Satisfaction
  • Ability to demonstrate positive customer centric behaviours
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