Change Management and Organizational Restructuring

We think it’s important to have a structured approach to help you manage change, recognising that it’s a complex journey for both your organisation and your people that requires action across a number of fronts: We help you put your change plans into action so you can seize new opportunities and stay competitive. By helping your people embrace new ways of doing things, we make sure you achieve change that lasts.

Strategic Human Resource Management

Human Resource Strategies are determined to achieve that ensuring competencies needed by the organization and retaining them by improving. Human resource management systems designed according to these strategies are effectively associated with each other by focusing on the competencies needed. The main process designs of Human Resource Management are performed using methodologies developed so as to ensure successful results in years.

The development of an effective human resource structure that will provide the greatest benefit in the future is ensured by establishing a proper vision with a good understanding of your current situation and building a competent team.

The services we offer in this context:

  • Human Resources Management Current Situation Analysis
  • Development of Human Resources Vision and Strategy
  • Job Description
  • Manpower/Permanent Staff Planning
  • Development of Competency Model
    • Establishment of Performance Management System
    • Training Needs Analysis
    • Establishment of Training and Development System
  • Leadership Development and Career Management
    • Manager Assessment and Development
    • Establishment of Career Management System
    • 360 Degree Assessment and Coaching
    • Assessment and Development Center Programs
    • Establishment of Recruitment and Placement System