Consumer Psychology and Loyalty Behavior in Retail – Virtual Class

The main objective of this course is to evaluate the decision-making mechanisms of consumers in consumer societies within the context of internal and external factors affecting them. Reflections of theories developed to explain and predict human behavior from the perspective of social psychology to marketing practices will be the subject of the training.


Loyalty models and concepts of loyalty will also be discussed, and the most discussed question of today is Ā “Can loyalty be created in today’s dynamics?” will be tried to answer.

  • Understand Consumer Culture
  • Consumer Psychology and Importance of Consumer Behavior in Marketing
  • Create Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty, Consumer Phenomena
  • Needs and Demands
  • Consumer Behaviors and Marketing strategies
  • Purchasing Behaviors and Decisions of Consumers
  • Affecting Factors of the Buying Behavior of Consumers
  • Process of the Purchasing Decision
  • Consumerā€™s Purchasing Habits
  • Case Studies About Consumer Psychology and Loyalty Behavior in Retail

Program Attendees

This training is for participants seeking a better understanding of consumer psychology and how it affects the decision-making process of both individuals and companies in the Retail Sector

Program Outcomes

  • Define and discuss the causes of consumer behaviours
  • Have knowledge about changing consumption and consumer phenomena
  • Understand the fundamental sociological and communication theories which shape consumer behaviour literature.
  • Develop consumer-oriented approaches by using loyalty definitions and models
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