Müge Gökdeniz is Senior Human Resources Professional with +18 years of experience and deep understanding of finance, automotive, telecommunication, and maritime sectors along with 7 years experiences in the banking sector. She is adept at providing consultancy regarding the restructuring of the organization, performing trainings, assessment centers, current situation analysis, needs analysis, job measurement, etc. within various reputable companies such as Güneş Sigorta, Dytech Otomotiv, TEB etc. She provides efficient consultancy project based as a part of various consultancy companies and personally believes that human is the most valuable factor for companies.

She has extensive experience regarding the design and implementation projects/services such as designing Trainings, Assessments and Development Center Projects as well as Corporate Restructuring Projects, etc. Also, she is a licensed coach from Vocational Qualification Institute of Turkey (MYK).

Her training programs on occupational, management and personal development in the following subjects: 

  • Management Skills Development Training,
  • Personal Development Trainings,
  • Human Resources Trainings