This training enabled participants to improve the quality of their needs assessment and therefore the relevance of potential interventions, which may follow. It focuses on the various tasks to be done throughout the whole assessment process as well as techniques and tools used to improve the collection of information during interviews with stakeholders.

There were two main modules:

Planning, Programming and Monitoring Projects

In this module, participants were first introduced to the Results-Based Management (RBM) concept and its application in project management. RBM focuses on the performance and achievement of objectives and was the dominant management strategy in use.

Then, participants were working through the project planning and activities programming steps. The main tool used was the logical framework. It provides a structured model for identifying expected results as well as the activities and inputs needed to accomplish them. The course also provided additional techniques and tools to identify stakeholders, analyse problems, and define objectives in line with population’s needs and program human, financial and logistic resources in an efficient way.

Finally, participants discussed how to design and implement a proper monitoring.

Evaluating projects

This course focused on internal and external project evaluation and presents how these tools were used to measure and improve the performance of projects. Participants work step by step on the process of designing and performing an evaluation.

After reviewing key management issues required to design an evaluation plan (i.e., Results-Based Management and Project Cycle), participants focus on the main concepts in the field of projects evaluation (i.e., founding principles, types and criteria).

Who should attend?

This course is recommended for:

◾Project/Programme evaluators

◾Project/Programme managers

◾Key field staff involved in monitoring, review and/or evaluation

◾Managers supervising project evaluation related activities

◾People who wish to join the non-for-profit sector

◾Consultants working for NGOs

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