Assessment and Development Centre Design

In One Of The Major Cities Of The World, Istanbul

This highly interactive and engaging training is designed to help participants make the most out of an assessment center. Gain valuable insights into developing an assessment center right from scratch, learn the various assessment techniques and align them with their organizational goals. Participants will learn the key skills required in the observation and assessment of candidates and running an assessment center successfully.

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Intended for HR professionals involved in the design, planning, and implementation of assessment centers, this program develops both the proficiency and understanding that would help the professionals run an assessment center more effectively.

  • Introduction to Assessment Center
    • What is assessment center?
    • Steps of an assessment center
  • Identified Competencies
    • What are the concept and classification of competency?
    • What is the concept of traits?
  • Assessment Matrix
    • Assessment center process
    • Assessment Matrix
    • Incremental Validity
    • Timetable and Budging Costs
  • Assessors’ Evaluation
    • Evaluating or Rating Candidates
  • Assessor Calibration
    • Role of an assessor
    • Calibration
    • Training and Evaluation
    • Consensus Building and Screening Process
  • Feedback and Developmental Evaluation
    • Giving feedback to candidates
    • Developmental Intervention

Program Attendees

Human Resources Professionals, Organizational Development Professionals any professionals with Ā interested in people management and development.

Program Outcomes

  • Understanding the key factors of Assessment and Development Centers
  • Having knowledge about competencies and their relationship with traits
  • Understanding the assessment center process, competency matrix, assessors’ evaluation process
  • Understanding roles in an assessment centers
  • ComprehendingĀ  feedback and developmental intervention
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