Conflict Management and Peace Building

In The City Has Stood Between Conflicting Religious, Cultural, And Imperial Fluctuations For More Than 2500 Years,Ā Istanbul

This training is a specialized program, which offers a systematic and comprehensive preparation, through innovative and result-oriented training, in the field of conflict management, peacekeeping, and peacebuilding.

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It focuses on enhancing the capacities of peacebuilding strategic actors to effectively and sustainably respond to the current and emerging challenges and new frontiers in peace and conflict mitigation. Diverse modules and components have been developed to ensure comprehensive training and skills development given different scenarios of conflicts. This includes conflicts within transitions and post-conflict reconstructions and challenges and dilemmas that emerge.

  • Historical perspectives of conflicts.
  • Understanding the concepts of peace, justice and reconciliation.
  • Conflict resolution and social justice.
  • The continuum of conflict resolution strategies.
  • Exploration of indigenous mechanisms and third party intervention.
  • Dealing with victims
  • The challenges of refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPā€™s)
  • Relief, rehabilitation and development as part of peace-building
  • Democratic peace-building processes.
  • Conflict Resolution and Peace building Interventions: Approaches and Skills
  • After Violence: Sustainable Justice, Peace and Reconciliation

Program Attendees

The course targets both state and non-state organizations. Including NGOs and public servants interested in deepening their understanding in conflict transformation or wishing to work in conflict settings.

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