Team Building, Goal Setting and Motivation

In The City That Is Inhabited For More Than 2.500 Years, Istanbul

With this training you discover a range of skills and techniques in mastering the process of team building, setting effective goals for them and motivating them towards achieving these goals, by interactive and practical training methodology.

**All our trainings include one extra night hotel stay to enrich your local experience!!!


  • Leadership and Leadership Functions
  • Difference Between Leadership and Management
  • Managing with Coaching and Mentoring
  • Goal Setting and Action Plans
  • Team Building
  • Motivation
  • Motivation in Practise
  • Conflict Management in Teams
  • Crisis Management in Teams
  • Team Performance and Work Sharing
  • Manage for Difficult People
  • Strategies for Team Leaders
  • Result-oriented Job Tracking
  • Delegation
  • Leadership with Goal Setting and Knowledge Management

Program Attendees

The workshop is beneficial for Supervisors, Project Managers, Team Leaders and anyone who at one time or another is involved in managing and leading a team, setting goals and objectives for them and responsible for their output.

Program Outcomes

  • Developing steps and considerations in developing productive teams
  • Understanding theories of teambuilding, goal setting, and motivation
  • Setting up clear goal settings
  • Having keys to persuade team members to buy into set goals
  • Developing steps and considerations for productive teams
  • Understanding factors that motivate people to go beyond their limits
  • Understanding factors that demotivate people and how to avoid them
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