We are happy to announce that our “Wthinku Speedy Chats” webinars are starting.

No charge or fees to attend!

A new era has begun in all sectors with the global effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. We are in a period where we need to minimize physical contact as much as possible. With this change, new concepts enter our lives such as “social distancing”, “staying home”, and the “new normal”. Another new reality is that face-to-face events are being replaced by online and virtual ones. Working styles have changed and will continue to change. 

We created “Wthinku Speedy Chats” to ask professionals questions about the circumstances we are facing to gain a new and unique perspective.

We will ask questions like “What challenges will we face as we all start to go back to work?”, “What awaits us in the near and far future?”.

Wthinku Speedy Chat, as the name suggests, will be swift and to-the-point! Each event will take up to 30 minutes and give a clear message and answer some of your questions. 

If you have any recommendations about topics you would like to see in these webinars please send us an e-mail. 

It is now time to share our experiences online!

Hope to see you soon.

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