The two popular concepts in the world: Agility and Coaching

In the new business world, the success and trajectory of organizations have been more inseparably linked to global, social and psychological, environmental and economic factors. Also, competition has become an important concept with the participation of multinational companies in the markets. Today, instead of classical management, companies had to gravitate to modern management approaches that consider changing’s important in order to maintain competitive advantage and remain their existence. In this modern management approach, coaching has become the most widely used methods by the companies to accord the changing world in order to create a corporate culture and continuous learning environment for constituting high-performance employees.

Sir John Whitmore describes that coaching is unlocking people’s potential to maximize their own performance. In this case, the role of professional coaching is to support individuals and teams decrease effects of their internal and external blockers that are paralyzing them from being successful in achieving their goals.

Agility, another popular concept, refers to the ability of a system to rapidly respond to change by adapting its initial stable configurations.  Agility is the ability of an organization to rapidly adapt to market and environmental changes in productive and cost-effective ways. It is an important element to succeed in this dynamic world.  Most organizations use project teams to complete works efficiently and adapt to the dynamic business environment. Agile methodology is applied to create collaborative project teams to continuous implement customer-driven solutions, offers flexible, and common sense alternatives.

However agile is difficult to implement without the support of knowledge coaching. The coach supports the individuals, teams or organizations in adapting to the change and moving towards self-management as learning the agile methodology.  In this methodology coach set up a team coaching structure that helps the teams achieve the goals organizations set.

Another concept is Agile Coaching as a process helps individuals, teams, and organizations in a creative thinking journey using coaching approaches with agile mindset and principles.

I try to summarize the concepts below:

Coaching is a tool for adapting to the changing world.

Agile is a methodology for moving in agility.

Agile Coaching is a process using coaching approached with an agile mindset.

This article is written by our valuable Trainer and Consultant MĂŒge Gökdeniz.

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