Branding and Customer Relationship Management

In The City Of The Past, The Present And The Future, Istanbul

In today’s marketing, the strong connection between brands and the customers is very important since; the customers are the creators of the brands. The good understanding of customer desire, customer demand, customer behavior are considered as high added value for the customers. In this relationship, understanding of customer relationship management is very important since it has a crucial effect on brand and brand loyalty. It ensures “favorite brand“ through mastering these dynamics.

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In this training program, the relationship between brand and communication processes and customer relationship management, and customer relationship management effects on brand value will be examined with case studies.

  • What is Customer Relationship Management?
  • Excellent Service Elements in Customer Relationship Management
  • Communication of Excellent Service
  • Brand and Brand Communication
  • Customer and Internal Customer Communication and Brand
  • Brand Communication in Customer Relationship Management
  • Brand Loyalty in Creating Customer Value
  • Brand Loyalty in Creating Customer Satisfaction
  • Relationship Marketing
  • Experience Marketing
  • Persuasion Strategies in Creating Customer Loyalty

Program Attendees

This training is for participants looking to gain an understanding of relation between Customer Relationship Management and brand, brand loyalty and brand building strategies.

Program Outcomes

  • Understanding customer relationship and dynamics of customer relationship management
  • Understanding the connection between customer relations and brand management
  • Mastering customer oriented brand building strategies
  • Understanding principles of customer oriented brand building strategies
  • Understanding brand loyalty and brand loyalty evaluation
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