Consumer Behavior in Retail

In The City Which Is Full Of Retail Opportunities, Istanbul

Consumer behavior can be defined as the totality of consumersā€™ decisions with respect to the acquisition, consumption, and disposition of goods, services, time, and ideas by human decision-making units. Clearly, consumer behavior frequently involves decisions within retailing contexts and/or with retail phenomena serving as boundary or framing conditions.

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In particular, effective retail strategy satisfies consumer needs better than competitorsā€™ strategies and, thus, understanding consumer needs and buying behavior is critical for effective retail decision making, as well as the subsequent development and implementation of retail strategy. In this training program, that topics will be narrated to participants:

  • The frame of Consumer Behavior
  • Needs, Wants and Demand Functions for the Purchase Process
  • Consumers vs Shoppers
  • Retail Buying Process and Roles
  • Kind of Risk at Retail Products
  • Influences on the Consumption
  • Market Segmentation on Consumer Behavior
  • The notion of Reference Group

Program Attendees

Directors and managers, marketing professionals, brand makers, executives, those who would like to develop and enhance their marketing skills.

Program Outcomes

  • Defining the consumers and their behaviors by retailing perspective.
  • Learning the ā€œKnow-Howā€ of the retail process according to consumer behavior.
  • Determining effective retailing against various consumer types
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